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From "Jan Tosovsky" <j.tosov...@email.cz>
Subject RE: Retrieving any FO object knowing its ID inside the Layout Manager
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2020 22:10:41 GMT
On 2019-03-31 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> when constructing the content in the Layout Manager, I can access
> properties of the processed FO object, but I'd like to access properties 
> of an arbitrary FO object knowing its ID.
> Inside the Layout Manager I can only retrieve the PageViewport for the
> specific ID, but this object doesn't tell much about the FO object itself.
> PageViewport pageViewport = getPSLM().getFirstPVWithID(id);
> I need to populate the index-class property of that target object. Are
> more efficient ways?

After other duties I am back :-) 

Looking into the code accessing arbitrary FO objects inside specific
LayoutManager is impossible.

I've made some experiments and what seems to be a viable option is storing
index-specific FO properties (when processing particular FO in
object-specific LayoutManager) into a map inside
AbstractPageSequenceLayoutManager and access this map via new public getter,
e.g. getPSLM().getIndexKeyReferenceInfoMap()

For final validation of this approach I need to implement some other
changes, but I need some help. I'll create separate threads.


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