On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 2:05 AM, Pascal Sancho <psancho.asf@gmail.com> wrote:
IMHO, using a bugtracker system to list bugfix or changes is a good idea.
But today, the practice in FOP project is to fill this list directly
in the cited page.
We can adopt a new policy here and have a change/bugfix list using
bugtracker facilities.
That could be done when we'll migrate to Jira.
IIUC, Bugzilla entries will be migrated to Jira in the future.
Waiting this migration, we can today begin to systematically fill a
new Bugzilla entry, to keep trace in Jira.

Thanks, yes, I agree with this, but I don't think I'm suggesting a new policy. We have a policy today of telling the community to report bugs in BZ, then we make fixes and close (or reject) those bug reports, where fixes change the code base and the bug is closed and a entry made in status.xml.

When we committers make changes that are essentially bug fixes (as opposed to minor cleanup), then we should not bypass this existing, accepted practice, because doing so creates unnecessary exceptions in our documentation and process trail. In other words, let's be consistent, and document bugs we fix independently in the same fashion as when those bugs are first reported by the community.

I think this is a reasonable process and should not be contravened for the sake of expediency.