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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Merge Temp_URI_Unification
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 09:44:33 GMT
On 26/06/2012 15:39, mehdi houshmand wrote:
> Sorry, added "[VOTE]" to subject line... My bad

+1 from me. Good work Mehdi and Pete.


> On 26 June 2012 15:38, mehdi houshmand <med1985@gmail.com 
> <mailto:med1985@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     I think we've got to the stage in the URI unification branch where
>     it's ready to be merged into trunk (not into 1.1RC1). I know there
>     have been proponents against the inclusion of this feature and/or
>     those who are concerned the wider implications as it means FOP has
>     fewer contingency methods when attempting file access. I'll try
>     and explain how we've addressed those concerns as well as some of
>     the code improvements we've made.
>     - Syntactic URI fall-back mechanisms - if a URI is syntactically
>     erroneous i.e. contains white-space, "\" instead of "/", we do
>     some validation on to mitigate some of the common mistakes.
>     However, we don't allow for falling back to 'new File(".")' or
>     "new URL(...).openStream()" since these can obviously cause
>     clashes in a highly parallelised multi-tenant environment.
>     - Single FOP conf parse - Previously the renderer specific regions
>     of the FOP conf was being parsed on every run. This is costly to
>     performance for the obvious reason, but as well as this, it meant
>     that font auto-detection was having to be executed on every run.
>     The font-caching was created to mitigate some of those performance
>     costs, however, caching the FOP conf makes much more sense. It
>     means we can get rid of the font-caching and don't have to to
>     worry about performance but it also allowed to do a lot of clean
>     up in the configuration packages. The renderer specific config is
>     also lazy loaded such that it is only parsed when the respective
>     renderer is invoked, mitigating the one-off cost of parsing that
>     config.
>     - The environment profile - We've created an environment profile
>     that abstracts the system in which FOP is invoked. This allows us
>     to programmatically enforce restrictions to, for example,
>     font-caching and auto-detection since users may want to control
>     this behaviour for any number of reasons.
>     - Improved URI handling - because the URI resolution has been
>     unified to a couple of classes, the behaviour is much easier for
>     users to understand.
>     - Consistent base directories - We've tried to ensure that base
>     directories are consistent with FOP previously, the <base> and
>     <font-base> still work as previously.
>     There are however some outstanding TODOs that need to be
>     addressed, however, though they are important, they don't need to
>     be all merged in at the same time. I will be working on these and
>     keep the community updated:
>     TODOs//
>     - XGC and libraries - This is most likely the next project, we
>     need to do the same in the XGC project and look at some of FOPs
>     dependencies (Batik too!). The plan will be to move all the
>     resource resolver classes to XGC since that is the parent library
>     so that they can be used though out the XMLGraphics libraries.
>     - Improved MIME type resolution - currently FOP's file-type
>     (file-MIME-type) is performed in-situ using file-name endings.
>     This is, while working perfectly fine on a desktop environment,
>     would be less than desirable if file-names were just hashes or the
>     like from a virtual file-system. We need to give the user the
>     flexibility to define a file MIME type without forcing them to put
>     the file-ending in the URI.
>     - Default handling in some of the Configurators - We have improved
>     the mechanism that handles default values in the configuration as
>     well as config injected via RendererOptions (on the FOUserAgent)
>     and the FOP conf for PDF. However, time constraints haven't
>     allowed us to do the same for PS and AFP, which would be nice to
>     do. This isn't of utmost priority, but it would be nice to not
>     have the "if (x != null)" peppered around the source
>     Sorry for the long email, I just thought it'd be a good time to
>     expose some of the work we've been doing,
>     Mehdi
>     P.S. More information can be found wiki under the developers
>     section, it's currently down so I can't post a link.

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