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From "Georg Datterl" <georg.datt...@geneon.de>
Subject AW: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46315] fox:needs-balancing extension
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 11:21:33 GMT
Hi Vincent,

> > Checkstyle says Processing xml and Loading stylesheet. I assume, that's a good sign...

> Actually that would be easier for you if you could set it up in your development environment
(which one are you using? You can have a look
> there: http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/FOPIDESetupGuide). There are currently
something like 1,900 checkstyle warnings in the code base.
> Obviously you would have to fix only the warnings that appear on the lines you modified,
and it's easier done within an IDE.

IntelliJ and I did download the plugin, but it requires a restart of IntelliJ. And at the
moment I have four open projects, one of which is running basically permanently since Friday,
so I didn't want to restart.

> As an alternative you can run 'ant checkstyle' on the command line, but then you will
have to search through the results.

That's what I did, but I didn't find results. Only 

JAI Support NOT Present
JUnit Support NOT Present - Committers are required to have JUnit working
XMLUnit Support NOT Present - you can get it from http://xmlunit.sourceforge.net
Running Checkstyle 5.0-beta01 on 1106 files
Processing C:\Projekte\FOP\build\report_checkstyle.xml to C:\Projekte\FOP\build\report_checkstyle.html
Loading stylesheet c:\Projekte\FOP\lib\checkstyle-5.0-beta01\contrib\checkstyle-noframes.xsl

Ant build completed successfully in 19s at 12:08:39

> As a next step we also need to discuss the name of the property. Since this is an extension
specific to FOP it needs to be in the 'fox:'
> namespace. Also, maybe it would be slightly more intuitive to give it a name such that
the default value would be false, and that you have to 
> explicitly set it to true to override the default behaviour. So something like fox:do-no-balance-columns-before...
but much more concise!

How about fox:disable-balancer or fox:restrict-to-first-column? Although that does not completely
describe it. fox:restrict-to-first-column-on-page?
How about a contest? Until Friday we wait for suggestions, over the weekend I run a poll and
in the documentation I write: 

// name provided by <whoever>
// bugs provided by georg datterl

That way we would even see who else reads our thread. :-)

Georg Datterl
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