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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 41959] External links are broken if pdf is encryped
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 09:05:15 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Jeremias Maerki <jeremias@apache.org>  2008-12-01 01:05:13 PST ---
I'm sorry that I'm a little late here but I fear the approach you both have
taken is probably not the best one. Some background: When I write the
PDF-in-PDF extension I needed generic PDF structures (arrays, dictionaries
etc.) to I could easily transform the PDFBox model into something that can be
processed by FOP's PDF library. That's when I introduced PDFArray,
PDFDictionary & Co. The thing is: I've only converted some of the existing PDF
classes to use the generic structures, yet. Now, fixing the encryption problem
only for this special case seems like a bad idea. You may remember we had a
similar problem with the PDF outlines (fo:bookmark) in the past. So we're
essentially fixing the same bug in different places. A better idea would be to
convert the existing PDF classes to use the generic structures when they need
to be touched.

Yesterday, I've had some train time (a rare resource lately) and I've converted
all the classes related to Actions to use PDFDictionary. That reduces the
number of lines of code quite a bit and made the code more readable. I have one
remaining problem before my changes are in a state to be committed: I noticed
(a little late) that there are two different string types: strings and text
strings. String objects are currently treated as if they are "text strings",
i.e. allow Unicode. But "strings" (as used by the "URI" dict entry) cannot use
Unicode. So I probably have to introduce a "PDFString" class that simply
carries a "string" object and handles the encoding (especially in the
encryption case) correctly.

BTW, Andreas, the reuse of URI actions may not always be a good idea since the
URI alone may not uniquely identify a URI action. There's also a dictionary
entry "IsMap" which offers additional functionality. I'm also not entirely sure
if this should be a functionality PDFDocument has to offer. This can easily be
done outside the PDF library. I'm not saying this is wrong but I wonder if we
don't bloat the whole PDF library too much with stuff like this. OTOH, even in
PDF 1.7 the URI action doesn't support more than the "URI" and "IsMap" entries,
so if your look-up method includes both the parameters, it should be safe.

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