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From Dario Laera <la...@cs.unibo.it>
Subject Choosing a better threshold in line breaking
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 17:36:42 GMT
Hi all,

I found the reason why breaking paragraphs into short lines is really  
slow and memory hungry: the threshold of the adjustment ratio, set to  
20 at the last try, is too high and makes EVERY legal breakpoint a  
feasible breakpoint too. A check should be performed to avoid such  
situation and to choose then a better threshold.

For example, if I have a 2 columns in A4 page layout the line width is  
~140000. The glue stretchability, as far as I can see in TextLM class,  
is often set to "3 * LineLayoutManager.DEFAULT_SPACE_WIDTH" that is  
equal to ~10000. When you compute the adj ratio for a line that have  
just one glue you get r = 140000/10000 = 14, that is lower than the  
threshold = 20.0, so an active node is added.

A better threshold can be chosen as follow: let idealDifference be a  
reasonable size we choose as good threshold. We can assume "3 *  
LineLayoutManager.DEFAULT_SPACE_WIDTH" as default stretchability a  
compute a better threshold in that way:

	idealRatio = idealDifference / (3 *  

and bound that value:

	1.0 <= idealRatio <= 20.

How to choose idealDifference? A naive solution, but probably not so  
bad, can be:

	idealDifference = iLineWidth / 2;

A more sophisticated, maybe too much sophisticated, solution can  
choose it by looking at the average box length: we can see how many  
average box can fit a line (wordsPerLine) and execute:

	avgWord = avgBox + LineLayoutManager.DEFAULT_SPACE_WIDTH;
	idealDifference = iLineWidth - (avgWord * (wordsPerLine / 2));

The test I've run have showed sensible performance improvement.  
Comments are welcome!


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