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From Vincent Hennebert <vhenneb...@gmail.com>
Subject Tables in Prototype
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 18:56:39 GMT
Hi All,

I realize that I haven’t given any news about my prototype for quite
a while now. This is not entirely due to holidays, unfortunately...

Mixing line- and page-level breaking in paragraphs appeared to be the
easy part. Even if I brought major refactorings to the code since
I started working on it, at least I could come up with something
basically working. Regarding tables, however, I haven’t really managed
to find a satisfying solution yet. I did manage to implement a dirty
hack in the prototype, but it doesn’t even merge columns properly. All
I can think of is either too complex, too slow, too awkward, or even
wrong. That said, I have the gut feeling that I’m not far from the

So I thought it was time for writing some documentation, and ask the
community for feedback. Having different brains look at it from their
own perspectives may help coming to a solution. At any rate, just
writing doc helps me clarify my ideas in my own head, so it’s not wasted

You will find a presentation of the problem here:
A pdf version is available for those who are allergic to screen-reading:

There’s more to come, obviously. Comments will be very welcome; given
that it’s often the most naive and stupid question that leads to the
solution, please don’t feel shy ;-)


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