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From Jess Holle <je...@ptc.com>
Subject Re: FOP Memory issues (fwd from fop-users)
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 21:26:56 GMT
For all the talk of FOP memory issues, does anyone have any information 
as to whether the problem is worse than in FOP 0.20.5 -- and, if so, by 
how much?

I'm considering upgrading what we require/bundle to 0.93 and currently 
have reflection code allowing operation against 0.93 or 0.20.5 -- 
whatever's present.  I don't want to step "up" to 0.93 and discover 
memory usage for things that used to work in 0.20.5 is many times higher 
or such, though...

Jess Holle

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