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From Manuel Mall <man...@apache.org>
Subject Unicode issues
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2007 13:01:51 GMT
After having delved into the UAX#14 and SHY issues I am interested in 
compiling a FOP UNICODE issues list. That is a list of things that 
still require work to make FOP Unicode compliant. Obviously the best 
place for such a list is the wiki. But before doing this I am 
interested in some even more informal collection of items on this 
mailing list. Here is a start:

1. The biggest ticket item is probably writing modes and bidi. This is 
clearly a big subproject on its own and outside of the scope I am 
attempting to cover.

2. Unicode text boundaries (UAX#29) especially word boundaries. Do we 
need this? It does not determine the word breaks to which the word 
spacing property is applied to as this is determined by the 
treat-as-word-space property. It could be used to determine the words 
for hyphenation.

3. Normalisation (UAX#15): Do we need this? Do we need to feed words in 
some normalised form to the hyphenation. Other uses for this?

4. Treatment of combining forms: What should / must we do with those 
character combinations?

5. Formatting control: Word joiners etc.. These need at least be 
discarded and not given to the renderers. Obviously proper handling 
when it comes breaking and similar decisions is required for full 

Anything else that comes to mind? Please add / comment. If it is enough 
material I'll put it on the wiki.



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