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From Ryan Saunders <jedir...@yahoo.com>
Subject Text baseline in the MathML extension?
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 20:15:27 GMT

First of all, I realize that the MathML extension is a work
in progress, and thus, the current design may be different
than what I'm looking at (the mathml example that comes
with the fop  0.92 beta).

That said, I'm concerned that the approach used by this
extension is going to have some problems. In the current
scheme, MathML is converted to SVG by jeuclid, and the
resulting SVG is then laid out like any other graphic.

Ignoring, for the moment, the fact that JEuclid seems to
give incorrect bounds for some equations, there is also
another problem: the text baseline. The solution of
converting to SVG and treating it like an image works OK
for block-display equations, but for inline-display
equations it does not. Consider a simple mathematical
expression 'i_0' ('i' with a '0' subscript). The i's
baseline should be consistent with the text around it,
while the zero's baseline should be slightly below the main
text baseline. But this scheme for integrating fop/jeuclid
would instead put the zero's baseline consistent with the
surrounding text.

Perhaps you're already aware of this, but as a fop user who
would like to see robust equation support, I thought it
worth pointing out.


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