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From "Vincent Hennebert" <vincent.henneb...@enseeiht.fr>
Subject Re: Error message: "Should be first"
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 17:06:23 GMT
> One of my clients reported to me that he gets a "Should be first"
> error
> message on the log. This happens in (Page)BreakingAlgorithm.removeNode().
> I get the impression that the code there is not finished rather than
> that is a real error condition. I'll try to extend removeNode() so it
> really removes the disabled node.
> See the attached demo file (You'll need italian hyphenation available to
> get the error).
> I'll try to fix that tomorrow. If Luca or anyone else has any further comments
> on that, I'd appreciate it.

I don't have any error with this file. However, I've had to change the
font names because i_helvetica is unknown. I've tried with Helvetica and
Helvetica + font-style="italic" (as I suppose is what the "i_" means)
but I still don't get any error. How did you get it?

Regarding the "should be first" error, that's a part of the algorithm
I don't completely understand, yet. That said, the removeNode method is
called, among other places, in filterActiveNodes. This is only a guess,
but if there is a place where the removeNode's "precondition" isn't
respected, that might be here.


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