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From Gennadiy Tsarenkov <g.tsaren...@sam-solutions.net>
Subject Re[2]: svn commit: r406917 - in /xmlgraphics/fop/trunk: src/java/org/apache/fop/fonts/truetype/TTFFile.java status.xml
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 07:47:46 GMT

Wednesday, May 17, 2006, 10:17:36 AM, you wrote:

JM> On 17.05.2006 02:02:52 Manuel Mall wrote:
>> I don't know anything about LaTeX. Does it understand TrueType fonts? If
>> so would it be worthwhile to check its source code?

JM> I don't think so. I can't find any reference. But I've never worked with
JM> LaTeX.

Neither TeX or LaTeX understand TTF fonts. They used much more complex
(and  thus  much  more  flexible)  font  system  comparing to the FOP.
Anyway,  for  correct  baseline-ing it requires only text metric files
for any used font to be present. At the translation moment it converts
text  metric  files  into binary representation to speed up generation
procedure.  Real  font  files  are  used  only  in rendering driver to
consider  various  device  resolutions.  So,  to  compare  FOP and TeX
baseline behavior it would be enough to compare metric files.

As  you  know,  we  were working on MathML rendering using JEuclid. In
order  to solve the baseline problem (and not only base line, there is
bigger   problem  with  some  TrueType  fonts  when  you  try  to  put
superscript  or  subscript  after the italic text) we modified the FOP
metric  files.  Within  next  couple  of days I'll release JEuclid 3.0
which uses updated metrics. May be this would help you to decide which
way this baseline have to be solved.

Best regards,
 Gennadiy                            mailto:g.tsarenkov@sam-solutions.net

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