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From "Ben Litchfield" <...@benlitchfield.com>
Subject Re: Combine FOP & PDFBox efforts?
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 22:52:40 GMT

> I don't think FOP should step up to a minimum of 1.4. Just last week 
> user was saying on the user mailing list that needed FOP to run on 
> 1.2. 

You have valid concerns, I will revisit exactly what parts of PDFBox 
require 1.4.  I suspect it is only small sections and potentially 
sections not required for FOP functionality.  For example, converting a 
PDF to an image requires 1.4, but that is not functionality that would 
be used by FOP.  It should not be too difficult to isolate these 

My only other comment(and I am just ranting) on this issue is that 
staying compatible with 1.3 requires effort, which diverts effort from 
added features or fixing bugs.  Staying on the bleeding edge also takes 
a lot of effort, but 1.4 has been around for over 4 years, we need to 
cutover at some point.

> As Jeremias already mentioned FORay Font is a standalone Font library 
> that has evolved from FOP 0.20.5. 

I just joined the foray developer list and hope to start helping.  I 
don't fully understand how the Foray font package is changing to 
support FOP, but that is off topic so I'll start a new discussion 
thread on that list.


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