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From "Ben Litchfield" <...@benlitchfield.com>
Subject Combine FOP & PDFBox efforts?
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 20:43:22 GMT
Hello all,

I am the main developer of PDFBox, an open source(BSD) PDF library.

FOP contains PDF library functionality(specifically classes in 
org.apache.fop.pdf.*) and PDFBox is a PDF library.  Because they do 
very similar things they contain a lot of overlapping code, but the pdf 
package in FOP has some features that PDFBox does not and PDFBox has 
some features that the FOP pdf package does not.

I propose that classes in FOP's package be 'merged' into the PDFBox 
library and FOP utilize PDFBox for PDF functionality.

I think we should do this for a variety of reasons;
-PDFBox & FOP benefit by gaining functionality
-PDFBox & FOP benefit by having a larger user base, which means code is 
used more, tested more, contributed to more
-The entire community benefits by having higher quality PDF components 
-There are several projects that currently take FOP output and perform 
post processing with PDFBox, this could be optimized if FOP used PDFBox 
as its core
-Future core PDF development efforts will no longer be duplicated 
between these two projects

I wanted to gauge interest from FOP developers and start to think about 
how we can make this work.  What do you guys think?

Ben Litchfield

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