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From Jeremias Maerki <...@jeremias-maerki.ch>
Subject Re: Combine FOP & PDFBox efforts?
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:52:41 GMT
(Sorry for my late answer. Been away the last two days.)

On 13.03.2006 23:52:40 Ben Litchfield wrote:
> Chris,
> > I don't think FOP should step up to a minimum of 1.4. Just last week 
> a 
> > user was saying on the user mailing list that needed FOP to run on 
> JDK 
> > 1.2. 
> You have valid concerns, I will revisit exactly what parts of PDFBox 
> require 1.4.  I suspect it is only small sections and potentially 
> sections not required for FOP functionality.  For example, converting a 
> PDF to an image requires 1.4, but that is not functionality that would 
> be used by FOP.  It should not be too difficult to isolate these 
> sections.  
> My only other comment(and I am just ranting) on this issue is that 
> staying compatible with 1.3 requires effort, which diverts effort from 
> added features or fixing bugs.  Staying on the bleeding edge also takes 
> a lot of effort, but 1.4 has been around for over 4 years, we need to 
> cutover at some point.

I've just downloaded the source code for pdfbox and fontbox from CVS and went
through it: 

There are a few string routines which are easily made available in JDK
1.3. Same goes for W3C DOM and JAXP. The Color constants simply have to
be written in lower case. Remains the use of regular expressions which
is only done in utility classes which would not be needed by FOP.

As you said, ImageIO is probably the biggest problem for JDK 1.3
compatibility. That would take some work, but not too much I think,
since some of the conversion functions could be taken out of the basic
PD model classes and put into helper classes/functions. This can make
the basic PDFBox JDK 1.3 compatible (with some minimal restrictions) and
useful for FOP without too much effort, probably without even having to
break backwards-compatibility.

> > As Jeremias already mentioned FORay Font is a standalone Font library 
> > that has evolved from FOP 0.20.5. 
> I just joined the foray developer list and hope to start helping.  I 
> don't fully understand how the Foray font package is changing to 
> support FOP, but that is off topic so I'll start a new discussion 
> thread on that list.

I've seen it. It's good that you did that. We all depend on fonts.

Jeremias Maerki

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