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From Adam Strzelecki <...@java.pl>
Subject Re: Beta release next week?
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 15:10:29 GMT
>> fop-0.90-trunk-toUnicodeCMap.patch (attached, also one that is in
>> bugzilla) - embedding ToUnicode maps (previously did one for 0.20.5, but
>> this one works nice with SVN head)
> I'd love to but I've had to seek legal advice on this topic, because you
> took a file from another project. It's clearly not exclusively your own
> IP and therefore I have to find out how to deal with that, even though
> the license of the original file is the same as FOP. So far, I haven't
> received any answer, so I'm afraid your patch has to wait. Sorry.
Well I took the PDFToUnicodeCMap.java from FOray project which is Apache
V2.0 License and it is fork of FOP 0.20, rest was just almost prepared
in FOP.. like PDFCMap.java was there but unused.

> Thanks. And thanks for letting yourself be converted to 0.90. :-) Your
> feedback is highly appreciated.
Great. I'm really suffering of MS Office domination... DocBook XML & FOP
are great detoxinators for me ;)
We are now pushing all projects to use DocBook documentation so we
generate: CHM Html Helps, printed docs (FOP -> PDF) and websites on fly
from just one XML source.

Also storing XML DocBook and SVG images in CVS is easy comparing to
tracking changes in Word documents (used by some of our clients) which
is nightmare.

Adam Strzelecki |: nanoant.com :|

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