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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: FOP Compliance Page was: getPageCount and FOP 1.0dev
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 14:44:01 GMT
The Web Maestro wrote:

> On Aug 1, 2005, at 2:58 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:
>> I don't think adding/removing releases from the compliance page is 
>> something we plan on doing frequently.  A side by side comparsion is 
>> only required now because the Trunk code is a complete re-write.
>> Once the trunk code has stablized and its being used in production, 
>> everything relating to the maintanance branch can probably be removed 
>> from the website. When further releases are made from the Trunk, it 
>> will simply be a matter of updating the compliance page to reflect 
>> what the latest release supports.
>> Chris
> Actually, I think we'll probably leave the 0.20.5 release online 
> (although, we haven't discussed this yet). One thing about 0.20.5 and 
> previous versions is that, presumably, they support more systems than 
> the one about to be released. IIRC, 0.9/1.0dev will require Java 1.4 or 
> 1.5, neither of which are supported by AIX 4.1 (JRE 1.3 max). For this 
> reason, it makes sense (to me) to at least maintain a comparison page 
> (if we don't leave that maintenance-branch info on the FOP Compliance 
> Page).

Clay - 0.9pr will support JDK 1.3. I have long been arguging the need to 
maintain support for it. I believe Jeremias applied a patch recently to 
fix the issues with building 0.9pr on 1.3. So it should be okay now?

So I don't think 0.20.5 will have any advantage once 0.9 has become 
stable. Hence why I think we should stop promoting it once 0.9 is 
thorouhly tested and in production.


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