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From guilla...@anyware-tech.com
Subject Re: rtflib independance from FOP
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 10:22:02 GMT
> Uhm, I don't think we have current CVS snapshots anymore since we moved
> to Subversion some time ago. Seems to be a left-over that we need to get

Well, I took it from http://svn.apache.org/snapshots/ so the name would be
quite misleading. And it seems not to be left-over as cocoon-2.2 is also
featured here, and is IIRC younger than the Cocoon CVS-to-SVN

> rid of. Please download the sources using Subversion. Subversion has the
> advantage over CVS that it works over HTTP and therefore passes
> most Firewalls and Proxies.

I will try.

> Want to send a patch? :-)

Sure, as long as the issues summed up in my other message are OK! Would a
"[PATCH] rtflib independant from FOP" bug in Bugzilla (with attachement
done with diff -u with xml-fop/ as base directory) would do?

> We'd prefer if you would subscribe if you want to take part in the
> discussions.

I understand that, but for the reasons described in my other message I'd
rather not for the moment...

> Thanks for your feedback!

You're welcome. After (ab)using FOP so much it's time to give back for me! :)

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