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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject Re: FOP Compliance Page was: getPageCount and FOP 1.0dev
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 08:52:45 GMT

On 02.08.2005 03:18:44 Manuel Mall wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> can we agree on the following?
> 1. The compliance page must be able to handle multiple FOP versions. 

Two, at most.

> 2. Which versions are shown at any point in time and how they are called 
> will be decided on a case by case basis. Currently we are talking only 
> about the last official release (0.20.5) and the current work in 
> progress (1.0dev, 0.9pr, ...) but down the track versions may be added 
> or removed at a frequency we don't know yet.

VERY low frequency. As Chris said, don't worry about that too much.

> From my perspective, as I have put my hand up to do this, this raises 
> two issues.
> a) What is the appropriate visual design for the compliance page to 
> achieve 1.?
> Two proposals have been made:
> i) Maintain the current 3 column layout of
>           <Version>                
> Basic | Extended | Complete
>   and replicate
>           <Version 1>                          <Version 2>              
> Basic | Extended | Complete | Basic | Extended | Complete
> This solution allows to quickly see by scanning down a column if a 
> particular version is conformant at a particular level. However, it 
> doesn't scale very well. Even with two versions only it will be very 
> "squished" on the screen. Adding more than 2 will most likely be 
> looking fairly awkward.
> ii) Change the layout to a single column per version and indicate in a 
> single separate column at which conformance level a particular FO 
> object or property "lives" (For a sample see the XSL-FO Object Support 
> Table at http://www.arcus.com.au/fop/compliance.html). This solution 
> scales better as it is more compact but it is harder to see if a 
> particular version is conformant at a particular level.

ii) should be good enough for now.

> b) What is the appropriate technical solution to achieve 2.?
> i) Manually edit the HTML
> ii) Use some WYSIWYG tool which can produce Forrest compliant output 
> (OpenOffice was suggested)
> iii) Revive the generation of the page from XML input (does someone have 
> the original compliance.xml file - I can't find it in SVN?)

Go for i). No need to waste too much time. Obviously, iii) would be
ideal as we'd have a separation of content and presentation but if it's
not easily done, don't do it.

> I am happy to investigate and implement (if needed) the technical 
> solution but I would like to get FOP committer feedback on the look & 
> feel of the page as this is part of the projects public face.

Jeremias Maerki

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