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From "Peter B. West" <li...@pbw.id.au>
Subject OT: IP issues
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:06:29 GMT
No, we'd better not...


Rick Bullotta wrote:
> Let's not even start discussing the intellectual property implications that are starting
to surface...
> J.Pietschmann wrote:
>>Just ignore the bickering for now. There seems to be a law that every
>>Open Source project (or any other reasonably open project for that
>>matter) sooner or later will get people with incompatible personalities,
>>resulting in some mud slinging on mailing lists or worse. Notice the
>>dismissal of one of the core BSD core developers last year, regular
>>flame wars on the Linux Ethernet driver lists including heavy name
>>calling and mutual allegations of incompetence, the fork of
>>Geronimo off JBoss with associated ugliness and so on.
> Let's not forget Linus v. President Tridgell, a dispute with somewhat
> wider impact.
> It's almost as bad as proprietary projects, but everything is on public
> view, everyone gets to express an opinion, and the individuals have real
> alternatives on how to proceed after disagreements.

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