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From richa...@geoquip-rnd.demon.co.uk
Subject Fop Viewer
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 13:01:04 GMT


I'm considering doing some work on the FOP viewer package.
I want to embed it in an application I'm developing and find
it lacking in certain ways. In particular I want to:

1. Separate out the preview panels and control logic from the
buttons and dialog to make it easier to use elsewhere.

2. Fix/enable anti-aliasing where appropriate.

3. Add options to view two or more pages at a time.

4. Add a continuous scrolling mode similar to that used by
acrobat reader.

5. Add fit-width and fit-to-page zoom options.

6. Add (optional) thumbnail slider windows.

Does this sound reasonable and useful to anyone else? Does it
conflict with any work anyone else is doing on this area ?
Does anyone see any obvious pitfalls, reasons why this isn't
going to work or reasons why it should be delayed ?


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