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From "Glen Mazza" <grm7...@verizon.net>
Subject Docbook
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 22:14:12 GMT
BTW, FOP-devs, if you're interested in learning more about "Document
Science" and don't mind adding another 15 or so emails to your pile each
day, I might recommend subscribing to the Docbook-Apps ML [1][2].  They are
fairly heavy users of FOP (although we do lose out to the commericial
implementations frequently, I believe primarily over the keeps issue), and
so it would be nice to have a larger FOP presence on that ML.  I've been on
it for a couple of months so far.


[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=docbook
[2] http://sources.redhat.com/ml/docbook-apps/2005-q2/
Docbook usage:  http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/index.html
Docbook specs:  http://docbook.org/specs/index.html

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