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From Glen Mazza <grm7...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Setting up the output format
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 12:09:37 GMT
--- Simon Pepping <spepping@leverkruid.nl> wrote:

> I like the way all constants are collected in one
> class. 

Me too.

> I do not like
> the fact that many classes implement this interface.
> The jdee debugger
> is much hindered by it, because it makes each object
> very large, with
> so many constants. Why is Constants not just
> imported?

Matter of preference--because typing Constants. for
everything seemed cumbersome.  However, importing
Constants is a perfectly acceptable solution and
purists may consider it a better style anyway--if you
would like to do this, I wouldn't have a problem with
switching to this method.  (Except for the apps.Fop
class, I would rather embedded users type in
Fop.RENDER_PDF than Constants.RENDER_PDF.)

Matter of fact, it may be best to do this for
LayoutManager and Renderer classes, because that is
where the bulk of the work is done, and I wouldn't
want layout workers to be burdened by this.  OTOH, we
will be typing in "Constants." frequently, because
that code does/will query a lot of properties.

Another option, if we pull it out for Layout and
Renderers but keep it for the FOTree, we can still use
fObj.PR_WHATEVER in those packages.  Again, though,
anything is fine for me here--if desired we can switch
to "Constants." for all three areas.  


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