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From "Townsend, Pete" <pete.towns...@landg.com>
Subject RE: AFP Renderer
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 13:06:32 GMT

I am aware of the renderer mentioned on
http://xml.apache.org/fop/resources.html this renderer actually generates an
intermediate file you then needed to purchase a batch assembler which takes
the generated content to produced AFP. It doesn't appear to use the actual
AFP font in calculating the metrics so I'm not sure how accurate it would be
plus it is not fully open (it's a partial solution). I specifically wrote an
AFP font reader that uses the font metrics from the AFP font files. 

As I understand it there are no licence issues over AFP. AFP is an open
standard maintained by IBM and the documentation is freely available for
download (hence my ability to write a renderer). There are licence issues
over fonts, however anybody wanting to use the renderer is likely to be
licensed for various fonts, so they would need to supply their own. 

I was intending taking an open source font and converting it to AFP so that
a free AFP font would be available for people to test/try out (unless anyone
is aware of an existing opens AFP font?). I did quite a lot of research
before writing my own AFP renderer and could not find an open source
implementation, so I think it would be a valuable addition.

Could you let me know whether it is best being submitted in either 0.20.5 or
1.0 format and point me in the right direction to get this committed. As
mentioned previously I'm happy to act as a contributor in this respect.

Cheers, Pete.

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From: Glen Mazza [mailto:grm7793@yahoo.com]
Sent: 09 August 2004 13:35
To: fop-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: RE: AFP Renderer

There are already other AFP Renderers for FOP
0.20.5--actually Hansuli has it in our resources page:


And--amazing what Google searches turn up--Keiron also
created one for FOP apparently:


But if you wish to donate code to the ASF, you are
welcome to submit it as a patch--in either 0.20.5 or
1.0 format.  (I caution though that the 1.0 rendering
system architecturally is not finalized.)  We can
possibly leverage it along with the others in the

The fact that we don't have native support for it
already, however, could mean that there were licensing
issues involved with its inclusion (or the fonts it
uses, perhaps).  This may be an IBM-only technology
for which you must use IBM-only products--I don't


--- "Townsend, Pete" <pete.townsend@landg.com> wrote:

> Chris,
> The renderer is based on the maintenance code
> (0.20.5) I'll get the latest
> from head and migrate the renderer to use this (I
> haven't looked at the
> redesign so I don't know how much effort this will
> be). 
> I assume I'd need commit access to CVS at some point
> to include this in the
> redesign build. What are the timescales for a
> developer release?
> Regards, Pete.
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> From: Chris Bowditch
> [mailto:bowditch_chris@hotmail.com]
> Sent: 09 August 2004 12:00
> To: fop-dev@xml.apache.org
> Subject: Re: AFP Renderer
> Townsend, Pete wrote:
> > Dear FOP Developers,
> > 
> > Could you let me know whether you'd be interested
> in adding a AFP renderer
> > to the project. I really think it would be
> worthwhile as many enterprise
> > scale projects use AFP printing and being able to
> use a formatted object
> so
> > they can be rendered as AFP or PDF is very
> advantageous.
> Yes, yes, yes! Couldnt agree more. AFP would be very
> useful.
> > 
> > I'd be grateful if someone could respond as I only
> have a limited window
> of
> > opportunity to get the code into the public
> domain. Once I move on to the
> > next project it is unlikely to happen.
> I suppose you based the AFP Renderer on the
> maintenance code (0.20.5)? A
> shame 
> since no more releases will be done from this
> branch. It may be possible to 
> modify the patch to work with the current
> development code (CVS HEAD)
> The patch process is fairly straight forward. Use a
> CVS client to generate a
> difference file between the CVS code and your code.
> If you based your AFP 
> Renderer on the maintenance code then be careful,
> you will be to do a 
> difference against the branch fop-0_20_2-maintain.
> Then submit a new
> bugzilla 
> entry with title [PATCH] and attach (not copy &
> paste) the difference file
> to 
> the bugzilla entry.
> Chris
> P.S: I never saw your original post. Dont know how
> it slipped past me.
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