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From "Victor Mote" <...@outfitr.com>
Subject RE: Connection between FO object and Area object
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 00:03:33 GMT
Tibor Vyletel wrote:

> I'm using FOP in one my project. I have created a new renderer (rendering
GEF figures),
> but recently I got stuck with one very unpleasant problem:

> I was persuaded that I will be able to determine original ID atribute of a
fo element in
> corresponding Area class, but now I'm disappointed, because there seem to
be no way of
> doing it. I was trying Trait.ID_AREA and Trait.ID_LINK but these are not
currently used.
> Areas don't have a reference to FONodes. Is there any other way how to get
to FO objects
> (or at least ID attribute) during visual rendering?


> PS: I use HEAD version of FOP.

I became aware of this when I was trying to port the maintenance branch
layout into the trunk. It is, in fact, the issue that stopped my progress
when I was last able to work on that project about 8 weeks ago. I hope to
get back to it again sometime in the next week or two. It appears that IDs
were implemented in maintenance branch code, but never in the trunk. I was
just starting into figuring out what the new design is, when I got
sidetracked. I suppose that the correct approach in the new design is to use
the TRAIT constructs that you have noted, but I am not sure. If anybody
knows how this is *supposed* to work in the new design, please let me know.

The short answer is that I think this problem will eventually be fixed, but
I am not sure when.

Victor Mote

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