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From Michael Reiche <rei...@image.dk>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Remove ant.jar and build.bat/sh
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 22:08:49 GMT
On tor, 2003-12-11 at 16:42, Clay Leeds wrote:
> I don't think ant should be removed from the maintenance branch. 
> Granted, users of HEAD should be adept enough to install and configure 
> ANT, but I think it is more important to make at least the 
> "maintenance" branch of FOP easy to use, than it is to encourage them 
> to install and configure ant. Right now, all you need to run FOP is 
> Java 1.2+. Saddling users with more requirements probably won't 
> "encourage" new users.
> One of the great things I love about fop-0.20.5, is that it includes 
> everything I need to run it (xalan, xerces, etc.). It even includes a 
> xalan.bat script (not included with xalan), which one of my colleagues 
> used to transform an XML file with XSL.
> I believe that one of the goals for FOP is to get more fop-users (even 
> if they're not going to be fop-devs).
> Web Maestro Clay
> p.s. I guess this means I get to add ant to my list of tools in my 
> toolbox... :-)

I absolutely agree, you will loose potential fop-devs. Do NOT remove
ant/build. I just recently discovered the easy all-in-one power of the
FOP src package. Download, unpack, fiddle with some .java, and run
build.sh! I know nothing about the use of ant, and would have had to do
some surfing before even getting to the point of doing a recompile. Well
I might benefit from this in other cases, but the word "build" tell a
lot more about the job than "ant", and build.sh has worked very well for

I'm sure there is a lot of other things that can be done, to cure
whatever fired this idea.


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