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From "Victor Mote" <...@outfitr.com>
Subject RE: How layout works
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 23:16:24 GMT
J.Pietschmann wrote:

> > Knuth has
> > laid out the theory, algorithms, and implementation in such
> detail on the
> > line-breaking logic, that it seems (to my optimistic mind) for
> the other to
> > be in reach as well.
> Show stoppers: writing modes and side floats. Tables with automatically
> determined column widths are still expensive, especially if spanning pages
> with page masters with different body width (the spec doesn't talk about
> this, for good reason).

By show-stopper, do you mean "impossible" or merely "nearly impossible, and
hair-pulling painful"? All of these seem possible with this kind of scheme,
although none seem easy, and will probably seem even harder in practice. On
the "expensive" issue, I guess after we design it as efficiently as
possible, and handle serialization of intermediate data as necessary, that
becomes a user problem. Also, on this particular issue, I have no problem
with (at least for now), throwing up our hands & saying "we're not going to
do that!" I suppose the next best thing is to take the smallest of the page
widths & use that for all of them.

BTW, I am not entirely sure that Knuth's algorithm can be extrapolated for
this purpose -- I am going on intuition here -- it seems like it should be

Victor Mote

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