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From "Enrico Raymundo" <enr...@netimpact.com.au>
Subject RE: Automated FOP test
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 01:04:01 GMT
Dear FOP developers,

Hi, I have an FO file named test.fo (attached) that I will eventually be populated with text
from an XML file.  I would like to use FOP but when I run test.fo I got this warning:

[WARNING] Some static content could not fit in the area 	
[WARNING] Some static content could not fit in the area 	
[WARNING] Some static content could not fit in the area 	

It created a 2-page PDF file where I expect only 1 page!  See attached PDF file (fop0205RC.pdf).

I tried using XSL Formatter 2.4.2003.312 and I did not get any errors nor warnings and got
1 page and the result I expected.  See attached PDF file (xslformatter(2.4.2003.312).pdf).

I tried using XEP 3.12 and I got this message:
{!no space for an element, trying to recover}
It did create a 1-page PDF file (fop0205rc.pdf) but the result is the worst.

Could someone point out to me whether my math is wrong with page width and height vs regions'
widths and heights and regions' border widths).  This is pretty basic, my requirement is far
more complicated with background images in each regions  to be populated by text from XML
and graphics imported from bitmaps.  XSL Formatter turned out the result I expected (or at
least I wish to see).  I really would like to make use of FOP if at all possible.  So any
help from FOP developers will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Rico Raymundo
Senior Applications Developer
NetImpact Online Publishing

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From: J.Pietschmann [mailto:j3322ptm@yahoo.de]
Sent: Wednesday, 30 April 2003 6:39 AM
To: fop-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: Re: Automated FOP test

Ok, I'll put a bunch of FO files onto cvs.apache.org, see

Files may contain sensible data which people lightheadedly
published on bugzilla or a FOP list. It's a bit sad that a
more complete list went down with my hard disk last deecember.

If anybody wants to sort them out into proper test cases,
please do as you like.


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