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From "J.Pietschmann" <j3322...@yahoo.de>
Subject Added value
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 23:49:07 GMT
Hi all,
some thoughts on a late evening.
We all have seen Mozilla coming with an automated problem reporting
system. This begs the question: why doesn't any Apache project have
such an mechanism? Think of adding code to the FOP CLI which catches
exceptions and logged errors, queries a DB whether the problem is
already known, and automagically submits a bug report with all kind
of interesting info otherwise. If the problem is known, it could point
the user to the relevant FAQ/workaround.
- Get reports on exotic defects
- Get better bug reports
- Get detailed info on known problems to unsuspecting users without
   heviong them to ask on the list.
Anybody interested in discussing how such a mechanism could look like?

Any automated feedback mechanism begs the question on how it should be
configured: proxy configuration, user and environment data, privacy
settings etc.
This leads to the idea of an installation program with a GUI. Imagine
there were an Apache installer, perhaps similar to Cygwin setup, which
a) provides the user with downloadable Apache code
b) keeps track of already installed libraries, modules and other code
c) maintains persistent settings, for example for the automated feedback.
It could also be used for initial mailing list subscriptions and other
Again, anyone interested in discussing this?


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