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From Clay Leeds <cle...@medata.com>
Subject Re: The ultimate assistant was: Re: page-position="last" - bug?
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 18:38:30 GMT

Victor Mote wrote:
> OK, I have completed this work. Rather than moving the content to a general
> "solutions" page, I have moved it to a specific document where such content
> belongs. The servlet content got moved to embedding.xml, the pdf-specific
> content to output.xml, and I created a new file, fo.xml as a resource for
> xml & xsl-fo content. The FAQ still contains the old questions, but the
> answers are now links to the content. My hope is that users now have two
> ways to find the content: through the menus and through the FAQs.

This change looks good. One potential problem is if folks search the FAQ
page (cmd/ctrl-f) for "threads", and receive "No text matched your
search" or something.

Some "dummy" text in parentheses could be included (not unlike META
Keywords) in the FAQ response above the off-page link. I was going to
give an example, but the only thing I can think of is "My PNG images
don't work" the answer to which (download Sun's JIMI or JAI) is also
useful for implementing other image types like PSD, TIFF and MacPaint.
Hence, including "(JIMI also works for PSD, TIFF, Targa, etc...)" or
something. I can see how one might get carried away with this, but my
hope is not so much to keep the FAQ short and concise, but rather to
lessen the number of questions asked to fop-user (or, god forbid
fop-dev!) about whether or not FOP can handle TIF (or some other
question no longer answered in the FAQ, but moved somewhere else).

This brings to mind searching the phone book for the "Cinema" entry,
only to be re-directed to "Movie Theater"... At least with the web, it's
just a click...

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