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From Clay Leeds <cle...@medata.com>
Subject Re: 0.20.5rc3 (was Re: PDF Encryption: Clarification)
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 16:21:55 GMT
Forgive my ignorance, but can someone explain the argument for limiting
the number of Release Candidates? If testing needs to be done, why not
create snapshots that could be used for testing more widely.

Since I don't currently use hyphenation, I don't want to wait for the
hyphenation patterns to continue testing bug fixes for problems that are
causing me to continue using 0.20.4 as my primary FOP, but I'd like to
continue testing 0.20.5x. I really like the speed bump (40% is
suh-weet!) I get when running 0.20.5rc & 0.20.5rc2, but some of the bugs
are showstoppers for me (especially 17472 & 15936).

Perhaps it is just that I don't understand why we would want to limit
the number of release candidates? Another potential problem, is that I'm
having problems figuring out how to use our CVS system. Is there an FAQ

As for 0.20.5rc3, I'd like to see another Release Candidate ASAP (why
wait for two weeks--other than the hope that more hyphenation patterns
will be released). I figure if we put a new RC on the download page,
people will use it and report any new bugs they find. ;-p


Web Maestro Clay

Christian Geisert wrote:
> Yes, another RC makes sense but I'm a bit unsure about the
> timeframe because I'd like 0.20.5rc3 to be the last RC before
> releasing 0.20.5 (i.e at best no changes after rc3) but there
> is still the issue with the hyphenation patterns which will
> probably take some to be solved as we we shouldn't use LPPL
> stuff (did I understand this right?)
> So what about rc3 in two weeks and then really stop with the
> maintenance branch?

Clay Leeds - cleeds@medata.com
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