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From jacc...@petrobras.com.br
Subject Re: hyphenation patterns
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 14:54:08 GMT

>> other issues:
>> -pt.xml iseems ok and can be put back?
>[Jeremias Maaerki]
>No, it isn't IMO. It forbids commercial usage which is not forbidden by
>FOP's license. We cannot guarantee that the file is indirectly used for
>commercial purposes. I could be wrong. I'll ask on on licensing.

I already discussed this with Herr Pietschmann and agreed to donate the
file to the ASF, provided the credits and bilingual comments are preserved.
As I said the previous license was there because of my laziness, I just
copied the old one...
However, because no one seemed to agree how to insert the licence in the
file (short or long). It seems it is already in the codebase, and you my
apply the appropriate licence in the way you find appropriate. I can send
another copy if needed.
I am happy to provide Portuguese-parliant users with a appropriate file,
even though this is a very small contribution.

By the way, is there a way to turn off the
      [ERROR] Couldn't find hyphenation pattern  pt_br
      using general language pattern pt instead.
message? First, I don't see it as an error, but a warning. Second, it is
not relevant to Portuguese: spelling may change from pt-PT to pt-BR, but
that does not affect hyphenation. (I know it does for other languages.)
Better, is there a way to tell FOP that the same hyphenation rules (file)
can be used for any pt[-XX] language values?

Marcelo Jaccoud Amaral
PetrobrĂ¡s (http://www.petrobras.com.br)
The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit of doing
them.--Benjamin Jowett

>Sorry, I've been busy last week getting my barcode package a new home.
>Almost forgot about the issues here.

On 04.03.2003 01:51:27 Christian Geisert wrote:
> if I understand it right we are allowed to distribute the LPPL
> hyphenation patterns (both source and binary) together with FOP
> if we add the LPPL LICENSE for the patterns (for example in the
> in the root dir) to the distribution ?
> (And to be safe I'll ask this on licensing@)

I want to ask at licensing first. I've finally received my confirmation
for admission to this mailing list. I'll do that today.

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