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From "Keiron Liddle" <kei...@aftexsw.com>
Subject Re: batik transcoders
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 23:45:01 GMT
Hi Jeremias,

> You mean Batik will have pdf-transcoder.jar and ps-transcoder.jar in
> their distributions? Not the source, right?

That is correct.

> What about factoring out the code for the transcoders and supporting
> classes (like fonts) into a separate container/subproject accessible by
> both the FOP and Batik teams? XML-Commons, maybe? That way we could
> encourage the Batik guys to participate in the future development of the
> PDF- and PS-related SVG stuff. Just a thought.

That could be a good idea for the future.
For the short term just a bundling.

> > So will there be any problems. There is th/e pdf-transcoder build target that 
> > creates the transcoder jar. We could create a tag for the release (call it 
> > We do need to make it clear that a FOP release cannot be used at the same 
> > as this jar due to various changes.
> +1. We could give the transcoders a bit more visibility on our site.
> > The PDF transcoder seems to be working fine. There are a couple of problems.
> > Issues:
> > - the use of avalon Enumeration requires avalon in the path. It is only used as

> > interface for one of the font classes, do we really need that
> Not really at the moment. But as soon as I have this licensing issues
> and an initial release of my barcode package behind me, I wanted to go
> into full Avalon-refactoring mode. And that brings some more Avalon
> stuff into FOP especially the renderers, fonts and image support.

Thats fine.

> I'd like to propose this:
> - I'll modify the build so we can generate a raw pdf-transcoder.jar as
>   it is now (needs avalon-framework.jar), but along with another
>   (pdf-transcoder-all.jar) that also contains the necessary Avalon
>   classes.
> - I'll do the documentation involved.


> > - do we need all of the font classes for transcoding, which ones can be left 
> ATM the PFM parser and the apps subpackage are the only ones that can be
> left out, I think.
> > There are some minor bugs with patterns in patterns, drawing images and 
> > but there won't be any fixes soon.
> Wouldn't it make sense to work with the Batik team to get the PDF and PS
> transcoders into their test infrastructure so we have some good feedback
> and can quickly improve on the quality to match the AWT output?

If I understand their testing properly, it is currently no setup in a way that could 
handle PDF/PS output.
They have various levels of testing: xml parsing, dom, bridge, gvt, image output 
and various others. The image output is the one that is parallel with the PDF/PS 
transcoding, it is done by comparing the result with a reference image stored in 
cvs. Someone needs to know what the reference should be like. Also there are 
PDF version/viewer version issues.
I'll see what can be sorted out.

> > Also what is the status of the PS transcoder? Could this be included.
> I haven't set up the PS transcoder, yet. But I could do that soon. I'm
> still hoping for George to send in a patch for his PostScript work.
> Jeremias Maerki

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