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From Karen Lease <kle...@club-internet.fr>
Subject Table breaking bug (was Re: Suggest FOP-0.18.1 for the 30th)
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2001 21:52:05 GMT
Guillaume, thanks for your feedback and examples.

I haven't had time to check your examples yet, but I have found one
unintended side effect of my change: table cell heights are now bigger
than they should be. I am working on fixing that (hopefully without
breaking anything else) and I will look at your tests. Unfortunately, I
fear this will not make it into 0.18.1.


Guillaume Laurès wrote:
> Martin Roob a écrit :
> > Hello Karen,
> > for me your fix works exactly how it should.
> > My table now are broken where i exspect them to be.
> > I don' see any bad side effects in the moment.
> > Thanks
> > Martin
> I really can't tell the same, unfortunately.
> This patch indeed solved the problem for the http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23.fo document:
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-cvs.pdf
> But it's a cut down version of our generated fo documents (to make it clearer, I removed
by hand all the elements
> other than the table).
> Here is a sample of a complete fo file we deal with, based on the same xml doc as the
cut down one:
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-bad-complete.fo
> the resulting pdf with 0.17.0:
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-bad-complete.pdf
> and the resulting pdf with cvs patched (the one that cleanly solved the issue in fo-tests/om23.fo):
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-bad-complete-cvs.pdf
> Here is the same document, with just one line (Préparer la prise de décision en groupe
: poser le problème,
> questionner, rechercher les informations) cut in the right column, it displays fine,
but the is unused space at
> the bottom:
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-good-complete.fo
> the resulting pdf with 0.17.0:
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-good-complete.pdf
> and as you can see, the cvs version introduces some significant differences in the layout,
but that may be
> related to the generated fo code not being clean itself. Besides, it doesn't fit anymore
on a single page,
> whereas it does with 0.17.0... (om23-good-complete.pdf)
> http://www.lra.fr/fo-tests/om23-good-complete-cvs.pdf
> I hope this will help resolving the issue, if you need some more tests just ask, I'd
be happy to make them if it
> can help resolving the issue.
> If the probelm persist because I'm using the fo language out of its range, tell me too...
but I don't think so
> since the evaluation version of xep did render the table correctly in all the cases (though
other parts of the
> rendering turned out to be really strange).
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