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From Alex McLintock <ale...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Table column widhts
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 10:29:54 GMT

--- "Sander, Stefan" <ssander@microstrategy.com> wrote: > Hi there,
> since there are many people out there writing tables in their PDFs, 
> has anyone come up with a good algorithm to determine the column widths
> based on content?

My algorithm...

  Divide the width available by the number of columns and assign that as 
  width for each column. 

  Produce a pdf from it.


  See which columns look bad and need to be widened or made thinner.
  Consider whether to align right, left or center each column. (my numbers are 
  usually right aligned)

  Produce a pdf from it.

  if not satisfactory then go to LABEL.

> Can anyone point me to the right direction or offer some hints?

Your problem is that deciding on column widths is a visual thing to be done
by a designer with a pair of eyes. Unless you have a well known set of table data 
(such as integers) and a well understood way of determinining size
(eg number of digits) then you really don't have an alternative.



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