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From Kelly Campbell <c...@merlot.channelpoint.com>
Subject Re: Driver reset change (commit please)
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 01:26:00 GMT
On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 07:36:33PM -0500, Art Welch wrote:
> It would seem more efficient when resetting Driver to just reset the things
> that need to be reset (areatree and FOTreeBuilder) instead of recreating
> FOTreeBuilder and reloading the mappings. For some XML files that EastPoint
> processes we are able to break the file into a number (perhaps a very large
> number) of sub-documents for FOP to process. For each sub-document we reset
> the Driver. We had been using a subclass of Driver to do this, but recent
> changes made some of the variables on Driver private, so this seemed like a
> good time to try to get the changes into FOP.

Hi Art, 

I wasn't sure exactly how much actually needed reset, so I decided to go
with the safest approach of reseting more than was probably neccessary
initially. Thanks for the patch. I do have a couple of questions, but I'm
committing it as-is now.

1. When would someone want to use hasData()? Can you supply some javadocs
for it in Driver and FOTreeBuilder?

2. In reset(), why does it no longer reset the stream? Are some formats
able to output multiple documents to the same stream? I know PDF doesn't
support this, but I am unsure about PCL and some of the other new
renderers being added.

Kelly A. Campbell              Software Engineer
<camk@merlotxml.org>           ChannelPoint, Inc.
<camk@channelpoint.com>        Colorado Springs, Co.

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