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From Alex McLintock <ale...@yahoo.com>
Subject How to Find your own answers (WAS Landscape flag?)
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 09:32:46 GMT

--- Daniel Bradby <daniel@bjs.com.au> wrote: > 
> > > Is there a landscape mode in FOP?  
> Java printing can certainly programatically change to landscape and if
> the FOP FAQ states to swap page-height and page-width, then would it be
> reasonable to switch orientations if width > height?
> Daniel

When that answer went into the FAQ it was the generally held opinion that all you
needed to do was swap the values for width and height and taddah - landscape mode.

However more recently I saw there was some comment about actual fields you need to 

http://www.OWAL.co.uk:8090/asf/fop.jsp   has an interactive FAQ you can search and add to.

It also mentions the mailing list archives at




will search for mentions of landscape.

This helped me find the answer:

>       if you want to rotate the entire report (landscape page) you need to
>put the reference-orientation into the fo:region-body of the page (inside
>the sequence) that you want to rotate.
>                                       Fabio

The reference-orientation probably needs to be 90 as in ninety degrees of rotation.

But it also tells me this didn't work for everybody - some versions of FOP don't 
seem understand the reference-orientation tag


Remember to check the FAQ - otherwise I will be rather upset I bothered to set it up.

(Of course remember that the FAQ can be used to create proper documentation as 
done by Fotis later on so add any useful info you have)



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