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From Art Welch <ar...@EASTPOINT.COM>
Subject PCLRenderer - Here at last
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 20:05:50 GMT
The PCLRenderer has finally been submitted to the Apache FOP project. As I
had mentioned previously, I created an abstract base class "PrintRenderer"
that serves as a common base for print type renderers (maybe other renderers
as well). The PrintRenderer may help to prevent some duplication of code in
the various renderers. So far the PDF, PCL, and TXT renderers extend from
this base class. There has also been mention recently of a PostScript
renderer that may also use this. Cool!

The PCL renderer allows direct printing of FOs to printers supporting PCL 5
(Printer Control Language level 5).

There is also a renderer that renders FOs as plain ASCII text (while
attempting to maintain the formatted appearance).

Attached is an M$ Word document documenting some of this and some of the
limitations of the PCLRenderer.

Also attached is an XML file for Fotis that is my attempt to put the
document into the same form as the FOP xml-docs. Hopefully we will be able
to add this to the FOP documentation. Actually it will probably require a
bit of editing...

If anyone has questions about these renderers, please post them to the list
and I will attempt to answer them.

Of course if you have problems with these, post them to the list, bugzilla,
or fix them.

EastPoint has been using the PCLRenderer (in various versions) for almost a
year now, and it has worked quite well. We are pleased to contribute this to
Apache FOP.

 <<PCLRenderer.doc>>  <<renderers.xml>> 

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