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From Tore Engvig <teng...@infostream.no>
Subject Code submission: TrueType font support
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 23:29:42 GMT

Attached is a .tar.gz file containing code, a changes file describing
added files and changes to existing files, and an example document
describing how to create font metrics and embed truetype and type 1

The submitted code is support for using TrueType fonts, and embedding
of TrueType and Type1 fonts, and support for kerning.

To embed fonts you have to enter the fontnames to embed in the
userconfig.xml file. You also have to use the userconfig.xml file to
enable kerning.

Fontsupport is still using the old approach of compiling in the
fontclass. In the future it would've been nicer to create metric.xml
files and enable them trough the userconfig.xml file. It would've also
been nice to know wich fonts that are used in a document and only
embed those fonts (or add metric information for used fonts only) - an
even nicer approach would've been to known which glyphs use the
different fonts and only embed subsets.

This code works for most latin fonts, but as the example shows, it has
some weaknesses. It assumes too much about the encoding and doesn't
reencode fonts. That's on the todo list. Also on the todo list are:
reading metrics from .afm files and support for more fonttypes (eg CID
Keyed fonts).

Note: Acrobat3 doesn't like embedded fonts. You'll have to use

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