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From "Fotis Jannidis" <fotis.janni...@lrz.uni-muenchen.de>
Subject Re: fonts in fop
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 09:55:39 GMT
Please have a look at fonts.xml in xml-fop/docs/xml-docs/fop. There 
you will find a description how to use your own type 1 fonts.  

I thought I had included this in the html documentation, but somehow 
I missed it.


From:           	"Ron Gilmour" <gilmr@earthlink.net>

> Greetings!
> I'm new to this mailing list (and to fop), so if my question has been dealt
> with here before, please feel free to forward me the relevant postings
> off-list.
> I'm working on a project for which I think fop would be really useful, but
> for reasons beyond my control, I have to use a particular (bizarre) font
> which is not supported by fop.  Is there a way to do this?
> I notice the files in /src/codegen with names like "Helvetica.xml".  Is this
> the sort of thing I need to construct?  If so, what units are those numbers
> in?  I can get the font metrics for the font in question using Java, but the
> numbers I come up with are on the order fo 3-11 (for 14pt text) and the ones
> in the /src/codegen/somefont.xml files are in the upper hundreds.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks and Happy New Year!
> Ron Gilmour
> gilmr@earthlink.net
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