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From "Sander, Stefan" <ssan...@microstrategy.com>
Subject RE: [BUG] inconsistant cell height in row
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 18:26:05 GMT
Hi there, 

has anyone looked into this yet? Or has anyone come up with a workaround?
It looks to me that the  row-height of fo:table-row is being ignored.

Before I forget: a BIG thumbs-up for the compression stuff - 
my customer is going to love that!

Any input on the tables highly appreciated ...

Regs and 
Happy New Year!!


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From: Fred Romelfanger [mailto:fred@stsci.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 20:06
To: fop-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: [BUG] inconsistant cell height in row

I got around my earlier problem with SVG by using the version of xml-fop
from CVS, but have another problem.

Individual cells in a row in a table now appear to have their own height
independant to the height of the table row.  I presume this has to do
with implementing row/column spanning.  The problem really shows up if you
draw a border on the table cell.  With 0.15, the borders all lined up
all of the cells had the same height.  Now the border is drawn around the
actual height of the data in the cell so they don't line up properly.  I can
correct for this somewhat by specifying a line height, but that only works
the cell actually contains data.  If they don't contain data, I get a border
that is drawn around what ever cell padding was specified, in my case 3pt
high.  Either line-height should always be used for blocks in a table cell,
the height of each cell should be expanded to fill how many cells that it
spans, or the border on the cell should be drawn independant of the
interior block.
                                Fred Romelfanger

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