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From "Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.ra...@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
Subject pseudo-duplicate ids
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 22:20:00 GMT
consider this scrap of FO, which sets up a section heading:

      <fo:block keep-with-next.within-page="always" id="c19b1b4b2b2"
text-align="start" font-family="Times Roman" font-size="18pat"
font-weight="bold" space-after="6pt" space-before.optimum="12pt"
text-indent="-3em">1. Languishing in Style<fo:marker
class="section1"/><fo:marker class="section2"/><fo:marker
class="section3"/><fo:marker class="section4"/><fo:marker
marker-class-name="section0">1. Languishing in
Style</fo:marker><fotex:bookmark fotex-bookmark-level="0"
fotex-bookmark-label="c19b1b4b2b2">1. Languishing in

to this FOP correctly says 

 WARNING: Unknown formatting object http://www.tug.org/fotex^bookmark

but it then says

[1FATAL ERROR: The id "c19b1b4b2b2" already exists in this document

if I remove the fotex:bookmark element, the error goes away. why? why does 
`fotex-bookmark-label="c19b1b4b2b2"' cause FOP to define an ID twice?

Moving on, I now get (reasonably)

WARNING: Unknown formatting object http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format^marker
WARNING: property 'class' ignored

but the sad effect is that the content "1. Languishing in Style" *is*
printed, which of course makes nonsense of the page.

Can I put in a plea for a minimal recognition of the "marker" object,
enough to get the content ignored? Anyone doing conventional books
will certainly want to use markers, so better to at least let them
pass through harmlessly


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