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From cori...@infix.de (Corinna Hischke)
Subject Re: TableCell or TableRow Larger than a page( bug fix )
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 22:08:43 GMT
Hi Keiron

> I was talking about the strange behaviour in the attached examples.
> I think I am mainly considering situations where none of a cell can be
> placed in the first page so that the cell starts on the next page and
> other cells are placed on the next page that don't need to be.
> I'm not saying that all of the row needs to be on the page, just the
> start of all the cells in the row.

With the examples, I got your point: 

In your first example, the col 3 of row 2 is put on the second page,
while col 2 of row 2 is on the first page. In my opion, this output
may be possible with display-align of the third column set to "after".

As this is not the case in your example, I would consider this a bug.

> the keep-together says
> "A keep-together condition is satisfied if all areas generated and
> returned by the formatting object are descendants of a single
> context-area."
> So this could be applying to the areas returned by each cell, meaning
> that the contents of any cells cannot go over a page.

Generally I agree. To put it more precise:

1. The cells of a row with keep-together condition should first of all
   be kept on one page.

2. If that condition cannot be met, the row should be split. How this
   may be done depends on keep and break conditions of the cells.

3. If the row is split, all cells with the display-align "before" should
   start on the first page.

   Cells that are aligned to the bottom of the row must end on the page,
   where the tallest cell ends.

- Corinna

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