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From Kelly Campbell <c...@channelpoint.com>
Subject how to extend XSLFO?
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 21:34:30 GMT
I was wondering if anyone has yet discussed proprietary additions to XSLFO,
and how to go about adding something. The use-case I am thinking of is a PDF
table of content markers for adding bookmarks in the left-hand pane of
Acrobat reader to give the user an easier navigation of a document. I didn't
see anything in the FO spec that seemed to work for something like this.
Perhaps this discussion is better suited for the xsl-dev list, but I thought
I'd try here first since the other list seems geared more towards xslt.

Would it be evil to start adding something like fop extensions in a
different namespace for this type of extra functionality? e.g:

<fop:toc label="Introduction">
  <fo:block id="sect-intro">
   Section 1: Introduction
    Some text for the section
  <fop:toc label="subsection">
     Section 1.1: stuff

Kelly A. Campbell                       Software Engineer
<camk@channelpoint.com>                 ChannelPoint, Inc.
<camk@merlotxml.org>                    Colorado Springs, Co.

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