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From Eric SCHAEFFER <ESCHAEF...@Techmetrix.net>
Subject RE: Scaling of images
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 09:39:29 GMT
> -----Message d'origine-----
> De: Fotis Jannidis [mailto:fotis.jannidis@lrz.uni-muenchen.de]
> Date: lundi 4 décembre 2000 23:23
> À: fop-dev@xml.apache.org
> Objet: Re: Scaling of images
> From:           	Charles Palmer <charles@dspdesign.com>
> > I've been messing around trying to put images into a document. I
> > seem to have found experimentally that: 
> > 
> > (1) placing an image into a fo:block-container that is too small
> > results in the image not being rendered (no error message is
> > generated). 
> this is a bug. The desired behaviour would be, either that the image 
> is clipped to the available space or that it overflows. We can decide 
> which one we want to use, because default value for "overflow" is 
> "auto": 
> "The behavior of the "auto" value is user agent dependent,
> but should cause a scrolling mechanism to be provided for 
> overflowing boxes." (Mmh, it is certainly difficult to write a media 
> independent specification which doesn't make some assumptions 
> about the medium) 
> > (2) placing the same block-container inside a table cell results
> > in the image being scaled to fit the cell. 
> I haven't studied the table section thoroughly, but scaling the image 
> automatically is afaik not the thing to do. If content-height 
> is not set, 
> its value is "auto" and that means: take the intrinsic height. 

You say that the image shouldn't be scaled. Ok, but what is the image size
(in the example, no size attributes were given for the fo:external-graphic)
That was a problem discussed some time ago : what is the conversion between
pixels and document units ?

I agree that the image classes should handle image clipping. I will think
about it...


> > Suggestion: If it is expected then is it sensible to print a
> > warning message if the image is not rendered? (I note that if I
> > have a leader which is too long to fit in a table cell then I get
> > a warning message telling me it is being truncated.) 
> It sets "auto" for overflow to the value "error-if-overflow"; 
> maybe we 
> should handle this uniformly in Fop and document it. But I have to 
> admit: clipping a leader is much easier than a image. 
> Fotis

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