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From Nacho <na...@siapi.es>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL][PATCH] Add render(area,outputstream,String MimeTyp e) to render interface & JimiRenderer
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 23:02:30 GMT
Hola a Todos:

With a little delay, and after a big war with my connectivity, here i go
another  time, in brief:


Add "public void render(AreaTree areaTree, OutputStream os, String
MimeType) throws IOException, FOPException" to de Render interface, to
be able to produce directly binaries from FOP, such as images ( my own
goal ).

This can break users code but it's a logical addition to this interface,
i think this not needs a big explanation nor justification, i think...


added ImageRenderer, that is the product of refactoring AWTRenderer,
putting the Graphics rendering from the original AWTRenderer into

added a JimiRenderer that uses the new render method to produce a image
stream and is another subclass of ImageRenderer, 

the rest of the patches are only to adapt the renderers to the new

Please , shake it before use a little :-), do not harms anything AFAIK,
and for us is really useful, and seems logical to add binary rendering
capabiliy to FOP....

And another consideration, i think it's not good to force people to use
CoCoon to be able to produce images from FOP, as fop is a rendering
engine, that can be really useful by itself...

Thanks in advance

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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