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From Joachim Diepstraten / media access <Joachim.Diepstra...@media-access.net>
Subject RE: How to use CMYK in PDF-Transformation
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 16:32:47 GMT
Hi Steven!

Thanks for your fast answer

>Short answer: No, it's not possible.

Hmm I thought so. Well I was thinking of possible solutions, patching the
PDFWriter which
as I saw implements already CMYK. And I've read through the
PDF-formatspecification (Puuh
this thing is hughe). As I only have one color red which is the problem it's
in RGB an afterward
processor could be written, already checked it out. But the thing will get
rather hughe I 
estimate a final size of 8-10 Megabyte PDF. This solution would be rather

>"hooked it up" so that you could really do this. No one seemed real
>interested in it at the time, so I didn't bother. Plus, I didn't know how
Well it's interesting to see that not even the current XSL:Formating Object
specification is taking
CMYK into account. It's interesting again as PDF is used as a printmedia and
most common used colorspace
in print is still CMYK.

>accurate my RGB-to-CMYK conversion was. (the K value is open to a lot of
Well I only need it for one color red which would be 0 1 1 0 k instead of 1
0 0 rg

>How urgently do you need it?
Arround end of next week. But as I said I still have the postprocessing
option open and I talked
with the printing guys and they told me they could change it afterwards if I
couldn't do it.

Your sincerly,

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