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From "Jeremias Maerki" <jeremias.mae...@outline.ch>
Subject [BUG] Horizontal displacement of multiple tables with borders
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 08:45:36 GMT
Hi there

When I put multiple tables in sequence, each subsequent table is
horizontally indented by exactly the width of its left border. The error
can be found since 0.14 and can still be seen in the actual CVS version.
One of the example fo's (table.fo) shows exactly this behaviour under "5
tables with borders", so I assume somebody has also found this.

Can somebody please fix this or give me an indicator where I have to
look? Thanks a lot!

Jeremias Märki


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Fon +41 (0)41 317 2020 - Fax +41 (0)41 317 2029
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