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From "Jeremias Maerki" <jeremias.mae...@outline.ch>
Subject Request for commit: Bugfixes for Type 1 fonts
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 13:54:58 GMT
Hi there

Some changes during the last few weeks have broken type 1 font support
in two places. One problem has already been discussed around 8.12.2000
but the bugfix has not been committed, yet. Another one was introduced
with the change from textual output to binary output: The PDF contains
invalid values in FontDescriptor.

I'd like to ask one of the committers (probably Fotis) to do the
following little changes:

1. The Java files generated by t1font-file.xsl have to implement
FontDescriptor correctly. Below I quote from the mail Betrand Vuaridel
sent to the list:

In order to get it working I had to add the following lines in

     public int getAscender() {
         return ascender;

     public int getCapHeight() {
         return  capHeight;

     public int getDescender() {
         return descender;

2. In PDFFontDescriptor.java a line must be adjusted:

p.append("\n/FontBBox ");    p.append(new String(fontBBox.toPDF()));

instead of

p.append("\n/FontBBox ");    p.append(fontBBox.toPDF());

Thanks a lot!

Jeremias Märki


Postfach 3954 - Rhynauerstr. 15 - 6002 Luzern
Fon +41 (0)41 317 2020 - Fax +41 (0)41 317 2029
Internet http://www.outline.ch

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