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From Karen Lease <kle...@club-internet.fr>
Subject Modified foproperties.xml syntax and more functionality
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 22:29:39 GMT
Hi all,

I've just committed new versions of properties.xsl and foproperties.xml
(no changes in svgproperties.xml). This adds some new functionality to
compound property specification. There are a few minor syntax changes.

1. datatype-conversion element. Attribute "type" renamed to "from-type"
for clarity.

2. In the percent-ok element, the values for the 'base' attribute now
use the underscore instead of the hypen character in the names. So
base='INH_FONTSIZE' and not base='INH-FONTSIZE'. There is a new value
for base which is CONTAINING_REFAREA and refers to the nearest
reference-area ancestor parent of the flow-object on which the property
is set. An example of a property using this kind of basis for percent
specifications is start-indent.

3. The subproperty element can now have an attribute "set-by-shorthand".
If it has the value "true", then this component of the compound property
is set when the property is given a value. Example, in a CondLength type
property, the length component has set-by-shorthand=true. If someone
writes: padding-before='3pt', this is equivalent to writing
padding-before.length='3pt'. In this kind of assignment, the other
components get their default values. Several subproperties can have this
attribute. For example, in a LengthRange type property, all three
components minimum, optimum, and maximum are set by the "shorthand".
Example: leader-length="3in", set all three components to 3in.

4. Default values for individual components (subproperties) of a
compound property can now be specified in the properties.xml file. These
are used in two cases:
- the property isn't specified or inherited and it's initial value is
- one or more subproperty values are specified. The default values are
first set on all subproperties, and then the specified values replace

Default values may be specified directly on subproperties where they are
defined. But for a property which has a "use-generic" of a compound
property, they can be specified using the syntax '<default
subproperty="conditionality">retain</default>' on the specific property.
THis overrides any default values set on the generic property.

5. The bug with subproperty names containing a hyphen like 'within-page'
for Keep is fixed.

6. properties.xml is removed
See the files for examples.

There are updated versions of most of the compound datatype and
corresponding property values.

Next on the menu: "mixed" properties (keep, precedence, etc.), and
derivation of writing-mode relative properties from corresponding
absolute property specifications and the inverse.


Karen Lease
SPX Valley Forge/France

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